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    Thumbs up <<UPDATED>> How to convert a TRX .15 N.Pede into a TRX 2.5, or 3.3 monster.

    Thanks to mike505.

    TRX 2.5 conversion.

    Installation was easy. There are a couple of things I am going to point out.

    **If you are planning on doing this upgrade I suggest getting the Traxxas Conversion Kit Part # 4400. It has everything you need. I did not do this because I did not want to wait. As of now the kits and engines are available.**

    I used an engine off a new T-Maxx since I was parting them out on Ebay. Made getting the engine easy.

    The header is Traxxas Part # 5227 for the Rustler and 4-Tec. Not going to say where I got it.

    The pipe is an Associated part # 7730.

    The throttle linkage is mostly HPI parts. I had a bunch of linkage parts and bought a couple more packs of stuff to make it. I have no measurements as it was trial and error.

    I did use the original brake linkage.

    The engine will bolt up to the stock engine mounts on the truck.

    1. The screw under the EZ-Start for adjusting the engine position can't be the stock screw. The starter hits it. I just used a regular philips head screw.

    Pic of EZ-Start (sorry about it being blurry)

    2. The servo needs to be turned around, you will also have to flip the switch on the remote for reversing it. Linkage was a little tricky but I have pics to show what I did.

    Linkage pic 1

    Linkage pic 2

    3. I also turned my fuel tank sideways. If you are running a T-Maxx tank it will have to go. It won't fit sideways with the EZ-Start. I tried.

    Sideways Tank Pic

    Pics of the truck done. More will be coming.




    If you are asking me I ran 20/66 in it. Would still wheelie on demand. In this pic it was running over half throttle and my buddy Roy just pulled it all the way back.
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