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    Thumbs up <<UPDATED>> How to convert a TRX .15 N.Pede into a TRX 2.5, or 3.3 monster.

    Thanks to mike505.

    TRX 2.5 conversion.

    Installation was easy. There are a couple of things I am going to point out.

    **If you are planning on doing this upgrade I suggest getting the Traxxas Conversion Kit Part # 4400. It has everything you need. I did not do this because I did not want to wait. As of now the kits and engines are available.**

    I used an engine off a new T-Maxx since I was parting them out on Ebay. Made getting the engine easy.

    The header is Traxxas Part # 5227 for the Rustler and 4-Tec. Not going to say where I got it.

    The pipe is an Associated part # 7730.

    The throttle linkage is mostly HPI parts. I had a bunch of linkage parts and bought a couple more packs of stuff to make it. I have no measurements as it was trial and error.

    I did use the original brake linkage.

    The engine will bolt up to the stock engine mounts on the truck.

    1. The screw under the EZ-Start for adjusting the engine position can't be the stock screw. The starter hits it. I just used a regular philips head screw.

    Pic of EZ-Start (sorry about it being blurry)

    2. The servo needs to be turned around, you will also have to flip the switch on the remote for reversing it. Linkage was a little tricky but I have pics to show what I did.

    Linkage pic 1

    Linkage pic 2

    3. I also turned my fuel tank sideways. If you are running a T-Maxx tank it will have to go. It won't fit sideways with the EZ-Start. I tried.

    Sideways Tank Pic

    Pics of the truck done. More will be coming.




    If you are asking me I ran 20/66 in it. Would still wheelie on demand. In this pic it was running over half throttle and my buddy Roy just pulled it all the way back.
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    Thanks to SNEFF

    TRX 3.3 conversion.

    As far as I remember the 3.3 dropped right in. I dont recall having to modify or change anything.

    I started with a new nitro stampede #4109
    trx 3.3 #5407
    traxxas blue header #5287
    resonator pipe#5541x
    jato wheelie bar #5584
    traxxas 5cell hump pack moved to the front of the truck between the shocks. the hump pack sits perfectly on top of the steering servo for added front weight. I also relocated the switch to the front body mount.
    optional wheels for wheelie bar#5186
    the throttle linkage is basically modified to fit the slide carb.

    thats everything I used in the Stampede 3.3. hope that helps everyone. there isnt much that has to be done to do this conversion. Once I had the parts it only took a few hours to complete.

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    Thanks to shaggy101086

    I just installed a TRX 3.3 in my Nitro Stampede. Just as described in this thread and, it will drop right in. However I ran into one small problem. The side of the spur gear was rubbing the side of the clutch bell. This may not happen with all spur/clutch bell combos. Its going to depend witch gears you are using. RRP spur gears will require this mod. Heres what I did to fix the problem.

    Some helpful pics can be found in the link provided below...

    1. You must remove the slipper clutch & spur gear.

    2. You will need washers to shim out the slipper clutch & spur gear witch will create the gap needed between the sides of the gears. I used traxxas 5x8x0.5 teflon washers (part # 1985) Place a washer on the shaft right in front of the break adapter. You may need to go back and add another washer if one is not enough.

    3. Reinstall slipper clutch & spur gear. Set motor mounts if not done already. There should now be a gap between the sides of the gears.

    4. Double check your work. Make sure the gears spin freely by holding the truck off the ground and spinning the spur gear.

    Good luck & have fun...
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