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    I went to the skatepark the other day with my rustler vxl with strc/rpm/trax hop up bits and had a blast with lots of tumbles on 2s. Then did lots of 3s street runs on stock gearing and a few wobbles and back flop trying hi speed wheelies. Got home and I had snapped a screw in the strc rear alum tower and broke the output shaft on one rear wheel of the trax metal CVD shafts. I also had a trax anodized camber link binding.

    I go to the LHS and get 3 parts, for my electric rustler, and start building it today to see this once I try fitting the replacement MIP CVD:

    Then I look up the part number and realize it is for the 2wd nitro rustler. I go to the closer shop cuz eff rush hour and get the hd plastic trax ones, put the stock free moving camber links on, loctite everything, and decide to lower the rear/front as much as possible with the stock rear trax shock tower and strc front tower:

    Now that I see the pics in preview mode, I sorta wish I took the time to move everything over to that slash lcg chassis conversion kit I bought for more length.
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