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    Should I really listen to advice about my speedruns with my Rustler VXL 2wd?

    Should I really listen to advice about my speedruns with my Rustler VXL 2wd?

    Everyone has an opinion. Opinions are like buttholes, everyone has one.

    My dad has been driving RC cars for 30 years and even he doesnt understand all the little things I do to my car to get it faster.

    I hit 71 on the 28/84 gearing which came as the stock high speed gearing on my car. I went to the LHS and they told me that going to 31/76 was dangerous. Also another customer said he owns a local RC drag strip in Kansas City and he told me I am going to overheat like crazy after 2 runs.

    I took the car home and I can do 30-40 runs BACK TO BACK before I get hot.

    I was also told at the LHS that I was topped out at the low 70's and to get higher I needed a better motor. A few days later I did a 82mph run with the stock Traxxas motor.

    So, why should I listen to all these experts when what I am doing is clearly working?

    I am gearing up more which requires a metal spur for my next run. Im sure people will say "you are going to destroy your transmission!"

    If I do, who cares? I will fix it. lol

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    Sounds like you are aware of the risks. I assume you have a temp gun?

    If it's working, there's no reason to switch. They might have a point for some things, but it seems like they've been wrong so far. I wouldn't immediately disregard what they say, though.

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    It's your car you can do what you want just keep a eye on your temps every pass.

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    Listen to Gripdog !

    Seriously though. If it’s working, keep doing what you’re doing... for now...
    You will find the extra km/h get harder to reach the faster you go.
    Eventually you will need better tires, tuning, etc. Stay open to suggestions...
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    The advise coming from other people is excellent their "conditions". If you were running your car in the exact same location, on the same day, around the same time, I'd say follow their advise. But, sick probably isn't the case. What works 'great' for someone in south Florida probably won't work for someone in Chicago, or Seattle, or San Diego.

    Motor kV & gearing are not the only things to conditions, terrain, tires (tread, as well as compound), battery, shock & diff oil viscosity, spring rates, toe-in/out, and several other things, can (actually, DO) factor into how a vehicle performs.

    To opinions, like you said, "Everyone has one."

    ~ More peace, love, and kindness would make the world a much better place
    ~ Love, laughter & kindness makes the world better

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    “If it works, it works”

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    I appreciate the vote of confidence....?
    As I began my quest to get past 100mph, I knew Iíd need new motor, gears, tires, axles, etc. I do remember topping out the stock system geared 33/76 I think at 76 mph. At those speeds I was tearing JConcepts Glocs of the wheels. Then to foams where I lost about 8mph. Then to motor, ESC and gearing. I got the car stable and consistent, running 34/34 mod 1 gears, single 4S pack the care does a little above 100mph consistently. 6S I can spin the tires around 90 if theyíre not treated and warm.
    Iím glad youíve gotten good results, if you keep running the car how itís not meant to be, itíll be a rebuild. But youíll have a great time crashing and rebuilding. So Iíd say do your thing.

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    What you see a lot in the R/C scene is that people give advice on base of things that they heard in stead of what they experienced. Due to this parrot behaviour the wrong advices are kept alive because everyone tells the same (wrong) story in the end.

    There are a lot of people around here that have tons of experience with speed running and will probably give good advice.
    I have listened to advice from people and I have tried things myself. Finding out how things work is often the fun part for me.

    It's important not to forget that a lot of things are just personal taste. What you get out of hobbies counts, not what others think about it.

    Good luck speed running!
    Nobody is born with experience

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