Welcome to the Stampede Gallery, a place where everyone can show off pictures of their latest Stampede bodies, or latest chassis modifications. Feel free to list all of your current hop-ups, etc.

Here are the rules :

1: This thread is for pictures only, if you have a question for one of the people posting a picture, please send them an e-mail or a PM so the thread doesn't get cluttered with chit-chat. (if you are posting a picture, please make sure your preferences are set to receive PM's from other members)

2: Maximum picture size should be 640x480 (preferably smaller) so it will fit on most people's computer screens without scrolling, and to be considerate to those on a dial-up connection. Anything larger will be deleted.

3: Anything off topic will be deleted.

4: Any "dead" links - you guessed it - deleted.

Okay, enough with the rules - HAVE FUN!

Misbehavin' wrote this nice FAQ on how to put pictures in your post.

The original gallery thread can be found here, but it is closed and no longer maintained because of numerous dead links.