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    killing glow plugs

    went out today and lckily ought 4 new glow plugs in case.anyway....i killed them all.the guy in the shop says i,m running way too lean.ut surely if i was then the engine would run like a bag of bones(which it did a couple of times until i richened it up)
    do glow plugs really die that quick if the tune isnt perfect?

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    Maybe if the tune was way way lean, it would burn them up pretty fast. But if it's just "not perfect", they shouldn't die that fast. My Revo is my first and only nitro rc. I'm definitely no pro at tuning, and I've only gone though 4 plugs in the 6 months (1.5 gallons) I've had it.

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    sounds like your rear bearing is on its way out.

    the bearings play will cause excess crank vibrations and kill plugs within 1/2 - 1 tank of fuel regardless of what you do.

    had the same prob with a brand new RB 323 engine.
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    How does the plug look like?

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    the better your tune is the longer your glow plugs will last...i just recently changed one out that has been in my engine since right after break-in...that same plug has been used for 1 1/2 gallons of fuel, and still works, but is now a spare incase i'm ever in a bind and have to use it...oh, BTW i use the TRX PN 3230X glow plugs, they work very well IMO...

    also you can "read" your glow plugs to verify if your tune is good or not...and as for "reading glow plugs" should do it after you have ran 2-4 tanks on a fresh plug...then take it out and "read" it...

    Plug Reading

    Here is a rule of thumb to go by when reading your glow plug.

    1)Wire and surrounding bottom of plug wet, with like new shiny wire = rich side of optimum power 85%
    2) Wire and surrounding bottom of plug starting to dry and wire starting to gray = Very close to optimum power 95%
    3) Wire and surrounding bottom of plug dry, wire totally gray but not distorted optimum power 100%
    4) Wire and surrounding bottom of plug dry, wire distorted = slightly lean DANGER!
    5) Wire and surrounding bottom of plug dry, wire broken and distorted or burnt up = extremely lean possible engine damage! Note: You can only "Read" your plug in a nearly new state [Wire like new and shiny] A gray plug can still operate well. But after it has totally gone gray performance can start to fall off. To test just put in a new plug and if there is no difference in performance save the gray one or put it back in. If your engine does not feel or run right try a new plug before making major adjustments.

    here is some more info on reading glow plugs (<-- click!) with illustrations...
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