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    Motor heatsink fan is broken


    I am new to RC cars.
    I bought a 2nd hand traxxas e-revo 1/8 brushless.
    I took it for a ride yesterday everything is fine.
    when i opened it to charge the batteries i noticed the motor heatsink fan's blades are all broken (gone).

    1) is it possible to drive wihtout the heatsink fan until i fix it?
    2) i found some fans to buy on the internet that are compatible by size, but how can i know it is compatible by all means of spec?


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    Most likely 5volt.
    If it's a Castle monster mamba 2 you can order just the fan assembly. They are thinner than the standard 30mm x 30mm x 10mm. As I remember they are 8 or 9mm thick.
    As for running it with no fan be careful don't get to hot you'll burn it up.
    If you are posting for e-revo brushless there is an forum for it here You're more likely to get more answers.
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