Hey There Everyone,
I got my Slash today!! It is so cool, I almost fell over when I saw the size of this thing. When I went to the LHS to pick er' up they had one out of the box sitting next to a Losi DT and it dwarfs the Losi. Also saw an E-Revo, very nice.

I got it home and took er' for a spin, just to see how it felt stock, and it was pretty fun. Jumps very nice, but she is a tick on the slow side. So I took it in the basement and swapped the VXL from my Bandit into it and now she is SMOKIN'!!! (Well not literally). The performance is much improved, it definitely blows my mustache back now. VXL is definitely the way to go for this little piggy.

Hopefully I can get some vid up for everyone soon.