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    VXL Purchase List.

    Hey everyone. Well with the results of my other thread, i am going to buy a VXL system. I am wondering though, is there anything else i NEED to buy for the truck with the VXL in order to get it up and running? I already have batteries etc etc... i mainly mean is there anything as far as the drivetrain on the slash that has to be replaced when upgrading to VXL or is it essentially brushless ready.

    if there is a shopping list i need, part numbers would be MUCH appreciated.

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    No, there's nothing you NEED to buy... it's pretty much ready to have the VXL system installed. I ran mine for about an hour before I decided that it just wasn't fast enough. I can foresee having to replace the rear tires soon, after 30 minutes of mixed surface driving I noticed tread wear on the rears - it will break the tires loose from a standing start on blacktop (when using a 7 cell 4600mA battery).

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