All three

Traxxas Slash with Novak XBR Sport 8.5 - The slash is a cooler looking truck in person, you just dont get how cool it looks in pictures. It handles very well on the road or dirt. It has good ground clearance, however with the skinny tires its pretty poor on grass as it just spins the tires. I havent even got to run a fully charged pack on the XBR yet so no clear idea on top speed now, but it was faster off the line and top end than the Desert Truck was stock. Its a pretty good deal at $199 for all you get with it.

Desert Truck with Mamba 5700 - This truck is also a cool looking truck. The chassis and suspension design is the best of the three. The tires are not so good for its handling however. But equip all three with equal tires and motors and the DT would win on a race. Alum shocks, cool lights, and the DSM radio is very sweet, although Ive never had any problems with the TQ either. Kinda expensive for what you get at $230, but still a descent value. However you have to be careful with the slipper when running brushless. Too tight and you will kill the lone plasic gear in the tranny. At least I did

Traxxas Bandit VXL - The Bandit VXL is about the best bargain in RC Ive ever gotten from a new car. I got it at ultimate on memorial day for $180 shipped. I have added Jato shafts, rustler rear arms and links, anacondas. I have RPM arms, wheely bar, and a few other odds and ends left to go. The body is also a rustler JConcepts body and its pretty cool looking.