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    They should race slashes on the 1:1 track.

    Wouldnt that be sweet? If you went to a race an saw 30 or so slashes batteling it out with all the bodies painted to the coresponding 1:1 driver? That would be sick. During intermission or something.
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    that would be quite cool but the stand would have to be very high and probably get in at least one of the spectators ways
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    Yeah... do you realize the size of the full size tracks? You would loose sight of the truck before you hit the end of the track!
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    Yeah I don't think you'd ever get the kind of range you'd need out of a TX/RX either.

    I could see maybe a little track for the slashes setup just in front of the grandstands or something.

    I was thinking a long time ago that Traxxas should put together a Demo team to follow around the Tmaxx 1:1 monster truck to do half time shows with RC products.
    They should do the same thing with the Corr trucks and the Slash.

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