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    yet another mamba max question

    I am new the the slash scene and I have put in a Mamba max 4600. I run a 7 cell battery and my motor temps are getting in the area 190+ degrees. I have tried a lot of gearing combos with no luck. I am not really sure if I sould gear down or up to get lower temps. I am running a 18/90 right now. should I go up/down on the pinion or up/down on the spur gear for lower temps? any help would be great!

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    Personally I don't think a Mamba set up is good for the slash, the Mamba motors only have a 380 sized rotor and run hot as it is! Try a motor with a larger rotor in it, like the VXL (assuming you get a good one, a lot of them like to shatter rotors) or better yet a Medusa motor, insane torque and run cool!
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    Try a 17t pinion and what battery are you running? Get a high discharge battery in there Ener-G promatch worked good for me, and a buddy!
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