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Thread: novak 6.5

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    novak 6.5

    Ok after almost 1 year with the 6.5 i finialy broke it. I sent in in for a new motor and they said they need to replace it with the new "improved" motor. While i was at it i upgraded to the 5.5. I know i need new pinions but do i need a new spur too??? Also, will my 6.5 speed control woek with the new motor or am i screwed........

    as usual thanks

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    Pretty sure the ESC is the same. You can stay with the stock spur (68).

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    Esc is 99% identical. Only difference between the older hvmaxx and newer versions is the black heatsinks, updated programming options (what few there are), and the LVC. Any hvmaxx motor will work with any hvmaxx esc, they are all basically the same, so quit worrying. No need to change the spur, but if you get a motor with a 5mm shaft, you will need new pinions with 5mm bores. 12-15/68 will be fine.
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