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    3 fans, how to wire?

    i have 2 motor heatsinks with fans and i want to ad another fan to the esc. I have them hooked up to the reciver. I think this would give me 6 volts, let me know if im wrong. Would it be bad to run 3 fans from the reciver? SHould i use a 9v battery to power all of them or 1 or 2 of them? What do you think the best way to do this is?

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    Well, powering all three fans from the Rx would probably result in some bad glitching due to the fans robbing the Rx of electricity (a glitch buster cap wont help here). I would say a little 9v battery is perfectly fine, as that what I used to do myself in the past. You can buy nice little battery boxes for them that have a built in on/off switch, so you dont have to worry about unplugging and pluggin it in to turn it on and off, and it is easier to mount the battery when its in a case that can be screwed or stuck down. Try radio shack or somewhere similar.
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    One thing you could do is buy 12 volt fans instead and run them right from your battery packs.
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