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    Esc and motor compatibility

    So I have the olde erevo mamba monster. My esc is bad and I have a spare arrma esc for the kraton.

    Can I put the blx185 with the mamba monster motor?
    stampede (stock)
    E-Revo (stock)

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    The answer is probably. Your not going to plug it in and have a fire start or anything like that. Both ESCs are designed to push around a 10-12 pound truck on 6s. So it will most likely be fine. If you're concerned you can back down the gearing a little.

    Personally I like Castle stuff due to using the on planes and knowing how well the worked and how far I could push them. They have a sort of lifetime warranty for abuse and neglect where they will replace an ESC at a significantly reduced cost. It used to be 50% off MSRP plus shipping not sure what it is now, but you could email them and find out.

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    I've run the following on my BLX185:
    Hobbystar 3665 3100kv
    Arrma 4074 2050kv BLX2050
    Traxxas/Castle 4074 2200kv from ERBEv1
    hpi tork 2200kv

    The HPI tork is running off it currently.

    You will need to change the ends though. Castle uses larger bullets than arrma did.

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