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    Shrink wrap for 6.5 CC bullets ugh

    Seems like all the shrink wrap I try is either a little to small or allot to big for the 6.5mm castle bullets. Anyone know where I can get the rite stuff?
    I like a neat look but so far i have to settle with smaller wrap that I stretch to go over the bullet and it looks ummmm not so good
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    This is the stuff I've been using

    I believe its 6mm diameter not sure who makes it, I picked it up at the source. You can get a assorted bag of lengths and diameters for like 5$

    It goes on a little snug onto the connectors but it works good and finishes off clean. It shrinks down snug around 12ga and a little tighter around the CC 10ga

    *edit* If its too tight try a little windex in the shrink tube first. It'll get squeezed out and evaporate as you heat the tubing
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    Home Depot sells 1/4", 1/2" and 3/4" heat shrink. I think I used the 1/2" for my connectors if I remember correctly.
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