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    servos not working properly with mmm

    I put in the mmm system and my servos work ok and then not really and then ok. Sometimes they turn all the way and sometimes they turn part of the the way and slow, and does not return to center, like you were running a dead receiver pack in the nitro version. I was wondering if any one had the same experience. I put my old system back in and it turns perfectly. I have heard of the issues with the bec circuit in the mmm and I am thinking that it is the culprit here. I have been on hold with castle for 1/2 hour right now. I am thinking that faulty or intermittant bec circuit will cause this problem. Thanks in advance.
    extended flm kit mm7700 u name it I broke it

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    bring it to the hobby shop and have them look it over
    or just use it stock

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    when you say "MMM system" you mean you replaced the stock ESC with the MMM? No other changes?
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