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    New to E-Revos , any precautions/spare parts?

    I like to always be ready with a few spare parts.

    What parts are prone to breakage on a typical,mild [Novak 6.5] brushless E-revo?

    We dont do absurd things with them , but my son and I like to do some small 4-5 foot jumps , run them in the grass, on the street, some local construction sites, and a private off road track.

    Nothing too extreme.

    So, what parts should I keep in the bin ?

    What quicky things loosen or need occasional adjustment?
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    Quote Originally Posted by AMZ
    What quicky things loosen or need occasional adjustment?
    Pretty strong truck, so you should be okay, but certainly on mine (and I noticed a few others mentioned this) - the 4 screws holding the tranny in place were loose when I got it, and have loosened a couple of times since.

    The only things I have broken (with some quite heavy bashing) are the telescoping wheel shafts and a rear diff.

    Have fun
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