As soon as I saw the Summit, I called my LHS and told them to make sure they get one for me. No hesitation at all. Then the thought process started, and I've decided that mine will probably never be run with a brush type motor. I ordered this motor -> https://www.*************.com/UNITED...hless_Inrunner

I'll be using two 2s Lipo packs in series for 4s, and a MMM ESC. The extremely low KV rating of the motor should make it pretty close to the brushed motor it will be replacing, but with a bit more torque. Low amperage, also, so I'm hoping for over an hour of run time. The whole idea is maximizing run time and reliability, and minimizing maintenance and motor failure.

Also, as low as the amperage will be, I can see being able to use two 5000mah 3s packs in series for 6s. This isn't an extreme high speed system I'm looking at, though, but the truck isn't for that.