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    Summit and brushless?

    It seems like the question of whether or not the Summit is brushless ready remains to be seen.

    But here are a couple of questions from someone who knows very little about B/L (I did have a T4 with a Novak B/L system for racing but that's it). First, is there value in going brushless in a truck more or less made for going slow? Are there B/L motors made more for torque than rpms? And if brushless would be as good for the Summit as it is for the Traxxas going to release a B/L Summit shortly after the release of the regular Summit?

    Also, the specs may say and I didn't notice, but will the Summit handle lipos in its stock form?
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    They do sell crawler brushless systems made for going slow, however the titan 775 will be more than enough for the type of truck the summit is. If you want a brushless monster truck, get the erevo brushless and install the long travel rockers that come with it and you will have the stance of the summit just without the 7" wheels and locker diffs.
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    The Summit is an E-Revo with extra parts.

    That is a more simplistic view, but really, the transmission is almost the same (though I would like to know how the 2 speed fairs out when shifting on the fly).

    It uses the same ESC as the E-Revo, so it will handle Li-pos, but it needs a LVC. Remember that this isn't a special motor being used in the Summit, I'm almost certain it is just the replacement for the Titan 550's. It isn't a low speed motor, but everything is geared lower. So a normal B/L system should work.

    IMO, it's just as brushless ready as the E-Revo, albeit heavier with larger tires.

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    Why would you install a non-waterproof system in a truck that is truly designed to get wet every chance that it gets? If you want to fast get a BL Revo. If you want to go fast/bash get an E-Maxx. They are designed to fill a separate niches.

    The Summit is designed to get down and dirty. Don't remove one of its most important features to gain a few miles per hour. To be honest, I am going to buy some NiMh packs when I get my Summit so that I don't have to worry about getting my LiPos wet. The LiPos are for going fast and running for a long time. The Summit is going to get dirty, wet, muddy, and nasty day in and day out. Im just going to need to suck it up and buy some more batteries. Oh Well!
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    there are waterproof brushless escs. e.g. the mtroniks genesis truck esc. there are others like the kontronik jive but they are less suitable because of the lack of reverse.
    with a closed bl motor that may work out quite well in a summit. the gain would probably be longer runtimes due to the higher efficiency of the bl system.
    however i agree that a brushed motor may work out very well in a truck like the summit.

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