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    OS running a little hot

    Well today I took the Slayer to the track and tried out the new Os 21 tm. It performed very well. However after each run of about 10 minutes showed a max temp of 310-330. The temperature outside was 67 degrees. Either my temp guage is screwed, or I have a problem. I am using Traxxas 20% fuel. I am still running pretty rich on the high speed and low speed needle. If I richen up the HS needle much more, it won't shift into second gear. There is a nice smoke trail. I have cut another hole in the windscreen to facilitate cooling. The car is performing pretty well. The track that I race at is pretty small. It is just an oval dirt track with two jumps. I spend most of the time at a high rpm (about half throttle). The speed of the engine seems to be just shy of the second gear shift. If I hit second gear I have to come off the throttle because it is to fast for this track.

    Anyone have any idea what I am doing wrong? Should I change the shift point so I spend most of my time in second gear at a lower rpm? I really like the acceleration of first gear at higher rpms. I really don't know what else to do to get the temps down.

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    Consult an OS forum.
    Thread closed.
    Look out buggies....Revo 3.3 coming through!

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