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    I know this thread is old, but does anyone know what cage he's using up there on post #14?

    I like that one alot. 95% of my spills are just from flipping over sideways on the concrete in a turn, so I'm not looking for something to keep me from landing upside down at 20 feet high, just something that'll keep me from grinding away my poor revo on the asphalt.
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    Quote Originally Posted by yzf128r
    here's some pics of my rc solutions cage.



    Can somebody tell if the cage will fit the E Revo with Traxxas Swaybars installed? Tanks, SnarF007

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    If you read the thread, you'll find your answer.

    Yes it will work with Swaybars either Tekno or Traxxas, and the info is on Page 1.

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    Awesome! I just ordered the exact same one but in blue. Looks sweet! Nice E-Revo man!

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    yea traxxas bodys are pretty thin and crack easly (like the slash body) proline is .060 traxxas is .030 and duratrax is like .010 lol
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