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    Battery/Charger Setup Need Advice

    Im trying to figure out what battery/charger setup I should go with. Right now I am planning on getting either the 2S1P or 2S2P from SPCRacing. As of right now, I am lost on which charger to buy. I was looking at the MRC SB 989 or the Hyperion EOS0606i AC/DC Balance Charger. But I couldn't find out if the Hyperion used CC/CV charging.

    So, I am wondering does the Hyperion use CC/CV?

    Would the SB 989 be a good charger? If so, what balancer should I get so I can use it while charging?

    Also, the batteries will be used on an E-revo (not BL edition) that I plan to buy here shortly. I know I have to connect one of the batteries with a LVC to the BEC side of the ESC. Is it possible to make up a harness so that one battery pack connects to the ESC and the LVC using some kind of split/Y wire setup?

    Any other information on other well performing chargers or batteries that are around the same price would be helpful too.

    Thanks, Nick

    P.S. - Before I get tackled by a bunch of you telling me to read the FAQ, yes I have read it but couldn't really find out what I wanted to know. I'm just trying to find out these last couple details so I can purchase what I need.

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    Yes, the Hyperion chargers use the CC/CV method.

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    2s2p spc 8k lipos, and a fma cellpro 10s (is just as good if not better than hyp duo)
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    Quote Originally Posted by bisque98
    2s2p spc 8k lipos, and a fma cellpro 10s (is just as good if not better than hyp duo)
    + 1million! better than the hyp!

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    Whatever you get, there are several things to keep in mind. These are the points I look for when looking at a charger:

    1) Future upgrades. Sure, you might just be running NiMHs for now, but it would be wise to get something capable of different types of batteries (lipos, A123s, etc). Also, some type of firmware upgradability would be preferable since it helps to protect agains obsolescence.

    2) Cell count. The higher the better for future use even though you currently don't have plans to upgrade.

    3) Charge rate. Today's cells are getting higher and higher in capacity (and some cells even let you charge over 1C), so a higher charge rate would be preferable.

    4) Power limit. Even though a charger may charge high cell counts or high currents, it probably cannot do both at the same time. For instance, charging an 6s 8Ah pack would require a minimum power limit of 200w to charge at full capacity. The power limit is not something usually listed in the basic specs and takes digging around.

    5) You can go for a charger that offers built-in balancing, but I prefer using an external balancer. The simpler the better; usually if a device tries to do too many things, it doesn't do them all well. Kind of like picking seperate audio components vs getting an integrated system.

    Buying a charger that will just meet today's usage is cheaper at first, but then you end up buying another charger down the road when you upgrade the cells. So, it's best (IMO) to just buck up and do it right the first time...

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