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    slasher -vs- rustler

    can you really compare? which one is faster out the box being stock?
    who's the king between the two? they are in the same truck class right?

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    Oh, not this again, these get pretty heated. Basically, no truck is "better", just better for different purposes. Out of the box, the rustler will be faster. They share alot of the same parts, but aren't really in the same "class". The slash will be alot of fun off-road, but ono-road is not one of its strong points. The rustler (IMO) is more versatile, as it can handle on and off-road rather well. Everyone is gonna have different opinions though, so it is really about getting which one is right for you.
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    +1 to what beast said. I just got a rusty one month ago and asking for a slash for christmas. I want to get it mainly because it is a good racer and I want to be able to run through snow and water worry free. I think rusty is better on road though. The rusty is more of an all around truck and the slash is like a scale car.
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    I have both and they are both extremely good trucks. The slash is setup for a spec slash class, which is limited to a 19t or 27t brushed motor only with stock esc, servos, and tires.. The Rustler VXL is super fast, and so far has been very durable.. I'd say though that if I was picking a truck to bash with, the Rusty is by far the better truck. For looks wise I prefer the Slash, since it just looks like a fast race truck...
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