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    My own feedback on 700HO

    2 weeks ago my titans ( I prefer to call them titanics ) decided that few hours of job were enough to get rid of their life, they simoultaneously fried each other in a nasty smell and silence....

    Time for a Kershaw I told to myself, before considering a BL version option within few months. I ordered it and it came to Europe roughly ten days later, sounds good.

    After breaking it in into water with several difficulties to do such new acrobacies for me I mounted it on the erevo, but to properly align it I needed few extra lock washers.

    The first test came out to be really a good motor IMO, the top speed is pretty much the same of stock fragile motors, maybe even slightly more ,it has more torque , it brakes really better and my perception was that my 8.4v batteries lasted few minutes more than titanics. I read on this forum it is also more reliable so I hope it will also last for a while giving me fun like now.

    I think I can definitely suggest this cheap upgrade to everybody who is evaluating if switching to it before considering BL stuff.

    My 2 cents
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    i decided to save some $ and went bl right away

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    I am about to order a Single 700-HO Conversion for my E-Revo! Can't wait for it to snow again!
    E-Revo - Single 700-HO - SPC 2s 8K LiPo

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    My 700ho should be here sometime this week. I'll be running it for my winter setup and then a MMM 2200 combo will be my summer setup (cause it'll probably be summer before it comes out ).
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