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    Will i need a seperate lvc?

    If i run 2 vxl systems together on 6s, i need a unslow harnest attached to a 3s lipo cut off because for some reason when 2 vxls working together makes the vxl's escs internal low voltage cut off not work. Having to use a novak 3s cutoff to use as a cutoff.
    Is the above statement true?
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    VXL's are limited to 3s lipo, if you run them as 6s they won't work or will burn up.. If you want to run parallel 3s lipo's (unslow harness) you will only have a single voltage and the LVC should cut the same provided both of your internal LVC's are set to cut at the same voltage. Yes you can use a single 3s lipo cutoff wired in if you want to then you don't have to worry about 1 esc going into LVC before the other, just remeber to run the ESC's in nimh mode.

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