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    Longer Summit Video

    I apologize if this has already been mentioned, but if you watch the Traxxas Summit video, it is significantly longer now with a lot more "high-speed" sections.

    Just so you know if you didn't already ...
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    but you're right it is longer. Glad to see more high speed running of the Summit. And I am glad to see that it looks fast enough for me.

    I so can't wait to get my truck. I think this is going be the ultimate truck for me. Any Terrain. Any Challenge. One Truck. Unstoppable. or how ever it goes. I feel like a little kid and I can't wait to see the aftermarket parts that are going to be coming out for this truck.
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    nice find. that makes we want it even more!

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    Great video, with much more added to it for sure.

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