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    suggestion for 4S Lipo

    i have heard all sort of stories about brands and what have ya..

    looking for a hard case around 5,000 4S lipo pack

    will power a converted RC8 to a slasher
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    I don't think it's a 4S but I was going to look into the 12,000 HV from MaxAmps when ever I get around to doing my 1/8 buggy and their are battery try kits from MaxAmps to fit it in your Traxxas kits as well. The whole 70 + min run time sounds awsome.

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    jc: If you can't find a hard case 4s pack, you can either heatshrink two 2s hard case packs together and wire them as 4s, or get any 4s regular lipo and make a hard case out of Lexan. Just cut a piece of wood the exact size of your lipo and then use that as a "mold" while heating/bending the lexan around it. Remove the mold and insert lipo.

    Red: 70+ min of runtime would be nice, but the extra weight of such a large pack is just more weight to lug around. If you want uninterrrupted runtime that high, I guess ~12Ah is what you'll need, but I think it would be preferable to simply get two 5Ah packs and do a swap. Even though two 5Ah packs is only 10Ah total, the runtime would probably be about the same simply because of the decrease in weight. Just my $0.02...

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    JC: just wondering if you had a specific reason for needing a hard case pack (like possibly local track rules or w/e) or id it just for the safety aspect? If it's the later then Briang's suggestion should work fine for you.

    Redman: your not really planning on doing an 1:8 conversion and running it on only 7.4v are you?
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