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    Another Castle MM Question/problem

    Hi guys,
    All was good yesterday running my e revo. Medusa 2000kv, 2 SPC 8000mah/7.2v packs and a Castle Creations Mamba Monster V3
    Plug it all in turn it on and the MM start ups and chimes on a little bit, not the full chime. I get steering and no throttle. I go to recalibrate but it ends up with flashing red LEDS and no fix.
    What do you think?

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    Batteries low in the xmitter... that or something else w/ your transmitter from the sounds of it.

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    the abr. for the mamba monster is mmm = mamba monster max .
    mm stands for mamba max

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    Change the arming time in the castlelink from 1.5 sec. to a higher value like 2.5 sec. some of the 2.4ghz radios need longer time to send the signal.
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