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    Slash Bearing Kits

    Looking for a good set of sealed bearings. Looking over the blown up sections of the Slash I've found the following:

    5x11x4mm (8) - Wheels
    5x11x4mm (7) - Transmission
    5x11x4mm (2) - Optional (Motor-Velineon)

    5x8x2.5mm (4) - Optional (Aluminum Bellcranks)
    5x8x2.5mm (4) - Optional (Wheelie wheels)

    - Have I missed anythng?
    - Can anyone recommend a good company? I've researched Boca Bearing and Acer racing...

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    Check out Avid.

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    I think you got everything. Since you are going through the trouble of opening the trans, here's a suggestion - Since the trans case is fairly well sealed, you can use bearings without the dirt seals on any bearing that isn't open to outside the trans case.

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