As I search for answers, I am sure that in a community this large, several people have my setup and have already come up with the answer, so...

I took out the Velineon system from my Slash and put it into my Losi Desert Truck. I picked up a 5700kV CC Sidewinder system, and plunked that into the Slash.

Both cars run 4600mAh 7-cell NiMH, no LiPo at this time and no real plans to go LiPo...

So, I am using stock gears in the Losi, and after 2 batteries of all out full throttle bashing on the lawn, the motor gets warm, not even hot. So it is geared well, has gobs of power, and seems to top out around 40-45mph if I had to guess. Perfectly fast for this kind of truck for me.

The Slash was using a 23 too pinion and the stock 83T spur gear.

Motor was too hot, so I dropped it down to an 18T pinion, still seemed a tad hot so went to a 17T.

I am running HPI GeoLander 2.2 all-terrain tires, they are the best I have tried so far for grass, dirt and pavement. Great all around tire!

So, I am at 17/83 with 7-Cell 8.4V NiMH 4600mAh and a SIdewinder 5700kV system.

What is the optimal gearing for the best balance of power and speed?

I want it to run in the middle. Don't need insane wheelies, and neither do I need insane top speed and scorching hot motor.

So what is the optimal gearing for this setup?