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    Hey guys! I didn't see that the thread was about e-revo just untill I published it. I hope the dewalt motor is suitable for e-maxx. Thanks again!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ilarios
    Hey guys! New kid on the rc block! I find this thread most interesting but two notes: 1. the pictures are blocked 2. ok,I will cut off the factory pinion but how will I install the new one? If you could re-publish the fotos it would outstanding!!! Thanks in advance!!!
    Try this thread:

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    I've been reading all the Dewalt threads pretty close as I'm currently running the twin 700HO's which I'm extremely happy with. Just thinking a little about the future should anything happen to current setup.

    Couple of things i've not seen mentioned in any of the threads is top speed. I know my current setup run right at 40 mph and still feels undergeared as it'll pull the front wheels at almost any speed. Has anyone radared the Dewalt setup on 4S?
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