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    Quote Originally Posted by spidersvenom View Post
    Much better! Looks fun! I stay away from that much water though with my BEC and non-traxas servo. Mud on the other hand... I dont mind so much. I couldnt find the Muddin footage I wanted to show you. BUT there is a new subdivision being excavated down the street. Looks VERY promising. football field of thick mud and rocks. Pretty sure Im gunna break something.

    Not sure if that makes me want to do it more or less? LoL I have just about a spare of everything so I probably will this weekend if I can find the time.

    I`ll try n post some vid

    By the way, you have good production/editing skills. My video will NOT look as cool. Except for the awesome Mud.
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    To SUMMIT up, its my coolest RC.

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