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    Remote mod, Where should I start?

    My Dad has a slash he is willing to let me mod the remote to it.

    I'm trying to make it where my sister(who is handicapped) can drive the car with a joystick, as she loves the sounds of the cars, and its really hard to have her use the pistol(have to holder her hands on it and help her squeeze).

    I was wondering if it would be possible to splice into the 3 wires to the pot to throttle and 3 wires to the pot for steering and hook it or or make a converter to hook it up to a joystick. (Y+ acceleration, Y- Break/reverse, X+ turn right, X- turn left) That way she can push forward to accelerate and turn at same time in one motion with one hand.

    I'm good at soldering and such just don't know how to go about doing this, my circuitry knowledge is somewhat basic(I know what most common electronics do but not how to put them all together to get the final result. but i can read schematics well)

    Any help on where I should start and how i might go about doing this would be greatly appreciated.

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    Be easier just to get a 2 stick transmitter

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