Hi guys. I just got my e-revo yesterday and my dewalt 12v motor today. I installed the dewalt motor using the tut on here. Something odd about this setup though. 1st off. I didnt notice an increase in time, speed, tq, nothing. I bought the RR 19 tooth to go along with it. I noticed that its pulling more power from one battery than the other. I first tried it by just soldering one wire to the motor and then i tried the double wire to the motor. Same result. I noticed that under a load one battery went down to 2.5 volts and the other battery stayed at like 8ish (batteries were kind of dead at this point) but the motor was only seeing 5.5 volts out of 10.5... Whats the deal with this? Doesnt it supply all the power you have in the batteries to the motor or is this normal? Sorry guys im new to this stuff. Any help will be appreciated. The only thing i could see wrong would be that i used the little resistor things off of the titan motors and i installed 2 on the dewalt motor. Im not sure if ill need bigger ones for the bigger motor or not. I think im going to be installing my ryobi 18v battery tomorrow and see what the deal with this is. BTW the batteries are brand new they came with the truck and they are the traxxas 3000 8.4 with like 4 charges on them.

Thanks in advance,