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    Exclamation The infamous $3 NIB, 2S-8S, LiPo/LiFe, stand-alone/charging/discharging balancer...

    ...that I literally STOLE!

    Ok, I spend a lot of time browsing eBay looking for stuff that I want or need, and I specifically look for auctions with super-low starting prices and no reserve...if the seller is offering free shipping, well that's just an added bonus!

    Once I have found an auction that meets my criteria, I bid the $0.99 starting price, and then just forget about is not uncommon for me to have 40 or 50 active auctions going on at the same time, all of them $0.99 auctions. All I do is just check my email every now and then looking to see if I get a message saying that I have won an auction. You wouldn't believe all of the nice stuff you can win by doing this, and all of it for less than a dollar!

    Anyway, I was looking for a LiPo balancer and came across a very nice one (Retail: $59.99), and the seller had it set with a starting price of $0.99, no reserve, and $2.00 usual, I bid the $0.99 and forgot about it. Well, 5 days later, I got the email saying that I had won the auction, for $2.99 SHIPPED!

    The balancer is a Chargery DB8 Smart Digital Balancer, and it came in today!!!

    DB8 is a micro-processor controlled, high performance, rapid balancer for Li-Ion, Li-Po, & Li-Fe battery packs.

    --› Stand-Alone mode, balance while charging mode, or balance while discharging mode
    --› Automatically cut-off charging circuit if it finds that the voltage of a cell is over 4.22v (Li-Po/Li-Ion) or 3.75v (Li-Fe)
    --› Automatically detects and displays individual cell voltages, pack voltage, and difference between cells voltage.
    --› Audio alarm for over voltage or under voltage
    --› Balance two 4S, two 3S or four 2S battery packs simultaneously
    --› Reverse polarity and short circuit protection for input, output, and balance connector
    --› Comes with special connector conversion board (CCB-9KT-XH) to fit all kinds of connectors

    --› Cells: 2S - 8S
    --› Input Voltage: 35V (max)
    --› Output Voltage: 35V (max)
    --› Charge Rate: 10A (max)
    --› Current Drain for Balancing: 300mA
    --› Balance Accuracy: < 10mv
    --› Over Charge Protection: 4.22V per cell (Li-Po/Li-Ion), 3.75V per cell (Li-Fe)
    --› Low Voltage Alarm: 3.00V per cell (Li-Po/Li-Ion), 2.80V per cell (Li-Fe)
    --› Voltage Display Resolution: 0.001V
    --› Voltage Detection Precision: 0.005V
    --› Compact Size: 115mm x 68mm x 15mm (4.52" x 2.67" x 0.59")
    --› Weight: 150g
    --› Case: Aluminum (black anodized)

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