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Thread: Noise?

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    Hey Guy's

    Thought I would run this by you as I am new to remote control cars and wanted to get a general idea of what kind of upkeep I need to do and if someone could recommend me some oil/grease.

    I notice most of the time when I take it in the dirt it will develop a "squeak" when its moving. It sounds like its coming from the drive line/diff area on the bottom.

    What kinda grease do you guys recommend for something like this? And is this a common issue? I was looking on the hobby people website and seen they have traxxas grease for 2 bucks but wasn't sure if this was good stuff or not.

    Other than the squeak the car is solid, I can't count how many times Iv rolled it or flipped it from trying to do a wheelie and nothing has broken yet. (knock on wood)

    Appreciate the help gents

    I might as well ask this is here but was wondering if anybody was running an aftermarket radio? How exactly would the gearing/diff lock work on say a futaba 3 channel radio? Would like to get a little more range and go digital.
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    Depending on where the squeak actually is, that would have a bearing on what you should use. Gonna have to try to pin point it. wd-40 (or myself, I prefer a dry lube) on hardware and pivot balls, grease in bearings, and diff lube if its in the diffs. As for a radio, you will need to get a 4 channel (or more) set up. I suppose a 3 channel will work, if you lock it into first or second gear, and use the 3rd channel to run the diff lockers.

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