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    Close up pics all fuzzy?

    As I've been perusing this forum, I of course am checking out all the cool pics, and especially the close-ups of modding details and broken parts.

    After cleaning my glasses, cleaning my monitor, spraying Windex on my eyeballs and rubbing vigorously, I've come to the conclusion that some of you guys are terrible at taking close ups.

    LOL, don't get worked up, I'm just pointing it out, in case some of you don't even notice. Or maybe a few camera pointers will help. I'm not really a camera guy but I've played with them quite a bit.

    For close ups, the camera either needs to be sitting on a firm surface or on a tripod. I use this $15 mini alot, it's very convenient.
    link But you can set your camera on a box too.

    Then, simply make sure the flash is on or you have bright lighting, and then set the camera for a delayed picture, so you can get your hands off the camera before it takes the picture.

    Really, that's it. Use the viewfinder\screen to get the clearest pic you can, and use manual focus if you can. I generally just move the camera back and forth until what I want is in focus, as there's too many buttons to press to get my digital camera to focus manually.

    Here's a couple of pics I just snapped of my Summit, close ups. Tripod, flash and delay. bright light. The pics turned out well, as you can see. And these are the reduced size versions, you can imagine the orignals. Obviously, this isn't a phone camera, it's a low end fujifilm that doesn't get great ratings.
    close up of coil spring

    Ya, I need to blow off the dust, haven't done that in about a week. I think this is the A Arm?

    Again, I'm not complaining or trying to me judgmental. I just think we'd all be well served by pics that don't make me think I'm hung over and all bleary eyed.

    Good Luck~!

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    I agree with you about the pictures and the problem is quite simple, they are not using the Macro mode to shoot close-ups...

    I use my camera (Canon A70) in auto focus, flash disabled, macro mode enabled and no tripod, and that's it... This one for example...

    I also take two or three pictures and chose the best of them...


    PS: the macro mode looks like a flower on my camera...
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    Doh, u are so right. I do push the flower macro button before I shoot.

    Maybe I'm just an old shakey geezer, I don't get very good pics while holding the camera on those closeups.

    Maybe the Mods should move this thread elsewhere since it doesn't pertain specifically to Summits.

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