Just wanted to make a list of common abbreviations seen on here for people who may not know. I got the idea from the "noob" thread so credit goes to Mr. Mukai for sparking my interest. Feel free to add any you might have, just label them for Nitro, Electric, General, or stuff thats non-rc related (call it Other).

RC- Remote Control or Radio Control
TX- Transmitter
RX- Receiver
WOT- Wide Open Throttle
EPA- End Point Adjustment (for higher end transmitters)
D/R- Dual Rate (another transmitter thing)
LHS- Local Hobby Shop
CVD- Constant Velocity Drive
FLM- Fast Lane Machine
UE- Unlimited Engineering
STRC- ST Racing Concepts

ESC- Electronic Speed Control
BEC- Battery Eliminator Circuitry
MM- Mamba Max
MMM- Mamba Monster Max
CC- Castle Creations

TDC- Top Dead Center
BDC- Bottom Dead Center
CB- Clutchbell
SG- Need some help on this one all I've found says Pilot Shaft
HSN- High Speed Needle
LSN- Low Speed Needle

LOL- Laugh Out Loud
ROTFL- Rolling On The Floor Laughing
TTT- To The Top
IMO- In My Opinion
IMHO- In My Honest Opinion
PM- Private Message
YGPM- You Got PM