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    slash coures idea

    ok so i know the slash is a corr truck not a trophy truck but they are simeler trucks and in throphy truck races they run on dirt with big jumps but also the road so, what if you made a slash coures with both these elements, so you had a 80% dirt with jumps and then like 20% road with some tight corners, it would really push your driving and braking really hard into thos concreat corners, i dont know i think it would be cool so yeah please post any thoughts or other race coures ideas!

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    The only time I can think of that a Desert truck runs on road is some parts in Baja, but that is at more "controlled" speed because they are sharing the road with regular traffic. But they did run the Pro-trucks at Laguna Seca, and my friend was working for a team and he said it was a nightmare to tune the suspension. They tore up the track, I think that is why they only did it once. But to your original plan, we were thinking about doing some non dirt sections due to limited dirt space.

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