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    ordered rhino lipo's

    recently sold my brushless slash, with my 2 spc 5000 lipo's and onyx 230 charger. $450, neighbor got a deal.
    now, lipo and charger less, i needed to replace.

    i just ordered
    -self balancing dual port charger (2 at once... only at 2A ea though...)
    -4 rhino 4900 lipo's
    - 2s low voltage buzzer
    -lipo sack big enough for all 4 at once

    $250 shipped.

    was looking at spc 8000's and another onyx... but 4900's are lighter and more versatile for 1/2 the cash...

    i should see it mid next week, and i'll let folks now how it goes.

    im planning ahead for either MMM or dual 700HO...
    i had been comparing MMM to 700HO at 300 vs 100...
    but 300-60 coupon -evx2 sold off=... less than 300.

    but we'll see.

    rock on.

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    PS for those wondering.
    lipo's are fantastic. i ran the SPC's with no protection, and never went past 3000 of the 5000 available capacity. these are the only batteries my summit has seen, but a friend of mine runs 7 cell nimh. im faster.
    just thought i should ad some usefullness to my post.

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