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    DeWalt Motor = SLOW!!!!!

    Ok just did DeWalt motor mod and works great, tons of power, very good fit, problem is its SLOW AS HECK, now im running 14/62 because of the lack of 5mm pinion selection at my LHS. So Im gonna order up some pinions and spurs but would like to know what would be the best setup for speed, 18/54? Im running both twin 7 cell 8000 mah nimh also 2S 25c 4000 mah lipos when not running in wet conditions, stock wheels and tires. Thanks
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    You can drill out your 1/8" bore pistons to 5mm and use them if you want, lots of people do it.

    You can gear it way up, too...I have seen people on here running 25/54, so I would assume 25/62 would be fine (I don't know for sure, wait for more answers).
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    here is some speed runs i did with mine
    52tspur 22pin=23.43mph
    68tspur 20pin=18.57mph
    62tspur 22pin=22.1mph
    68spur 22pin=20.02mph

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    How does the Dewalt compare Vs the Titan 775 for speed?

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