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    Just picked up an E revo roller!!

    Hi All,
    I normally hang out in the Slash forum, but I just picked up a E-Revo rolling chassis on Ebay and I plan on converting it to a E-Slayer. I need to pick up a motor and ESC, I will more than likely get the VLX for it, since it looks to have been converted or came stock with the one motor conversion already on it. My question is, since it is normally set up for running two motors and two batteries, how do I set it up so that I am running one motor and two batteries? Is there an adapter that I will need to get, or do I need to make my own? IF I have to make my own, has anyone else done this that can provide some info on how it needs to be wired? I will have nothing to go by since this comes without any electronics. I know the stock E-revo comes with an ESC that has two plugs but the VLX has only one. As I get parts and start the work I will post pics for all to see. Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.
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    I wouldn't run a single VXL in the ERevo. Its a big truck that needs power to start moving, hince traxxas putting the CC MMM 2200 combo in the brushless edition.

    The normal setup of 2 brushed motors and 2 batteries is this. The 2 brushed motors are connected to a single EVX2. The 2 battery packs are then hooked up to the EVX2. The two 7.2v packs are in a series to combine for 14.4V, which is then sent to both motors.

    With brushless you'll only need one motor, one esc. A perfect setup is the CC MMM 2200 combo.
    With this setup, you'll need to run (2) 2s lipo packs that have a 20C discharge rate and 4500mah or better. The batteries are then wired in series and plugged into the ESC.
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    I agree, you would really need to run two VXL motors to get any performance at all, so you would be much better off and get out cheaper to go ahead and buy the best BL system available right now...the Castle Creations Mamba Monster Max ESC and Neu/Castle 2200kV Motor combo, commonly referred to as the MMM/ can get it for $229 on eBay, which includes the ESC, Motor, & Castle-Link programming system.
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