Here is my thread about my E-Revo. I had named her Eva, just because it's close to E-Revo but easier to say.

I got it Saturday at my LHS. I asked them to put on deans plugs and a Novak 4s Smart Stop. As you will find, not because I can't solder, but because I enjoy their company.

I spent Sunday putting together 7 cell NiMH packs and charging each cell individually to hopefully have them balanced enough to not cause issues. I also attempted to put in my Losi DSM 2.4 giga radio system. After not being able to get it to work with the Smart Stop (SS) I gave up on it until Tueday. I think the SS will work fine with my 2s Lipos, and it's 12.5 volt cutoff should activate when my NiMHs get to about .9 volts per cell.

I put in the tight steering part and moved the servo connections accordingly. I also put in the stiffer springs. I really want to keep it stock for now. I can say that I am happier now with Eva than I was with all the mods and VXL in my Slash.

Today I went to the LHS. Well, let's start with some pics, ya?

I got a couple of 15 toothers, just because that's the only pair they had. I wanted something less than the 19s to keep motor temps down. And of course to wheelie!

Here is Eva's little box. Its not 100% waterproof right now. I put the ant wire up through the lid of it and found out my silicone sealer was dried up. So it's just held in there with friction and the wire itself, but it shouldn't go anywhere. I put the SS light in the original ant mount and drilled out the ant nut to keep that in there. The deans plugs that are behind the motor are really pointless. I read somewhere (on here I think) that putting a plug there would be a way to turn off the SS for NiMH. That just activates it.

Here is what I did today. These little guys let me charge two 2s lipo packs together as a 4s. I used a diagram I got from this site and bought the plugs at my LHS. The deans is pretty simple, and the balance plug wasn't bad either.

Here it is plugged in.

And here it is balancing my pair of Lipos.

Yep, over an hour and a half to balance the four cells. It charged them as well. I did this at 0.3 amps because I wasn't sure what was recommended for this.

And yeah, I could show some pics of the original body, but who hasn't seen that? I had this body hanging on my wall from a Wal-mart car that is long gone. It was just waiting for it's moment, and here it is.

Eva in an unnatural environment - The Washing Area!

And that is about it for now. I am planning on putting all of my updates in this thread, and very much welcome your comments.

- Tim.