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Thread: Broken Yoke

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    Broken Yoke

    I'm not sure if I'm using the correct term, but I think I broke the yoke coming off the rear differential. I was planning to replace it with the stock part, but was wondering if any one had any better suggestions in terms of upgrades for the axles while I had it taken apart. I was running 2 7 cell Promatch batteries at the time, and it appears that the torque from the stock motors bent the plastic on the yoke. It appears to be twisted and the pin is missing. Any help would be appreciated.

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    The stock yokes (and the rest of stock shafts) are a cheap and easy repair. They are also pretty tough as long as your driving style isn't especially aggressive. They are also a good weak point to help protect your diffs. I keep a few complete shafts and a pile of yokes on hand. If you find yourself breaking them often, then I would consider upgrading to steel shafts.
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    Use Summit shafts, they remain the weak point in the drive train, but not as weak as regular E Revo shafts. Mine have held up beautifully, only 1 breakage under 6s brushless power...

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