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    My Experience: Titan and Dewalt Motors

    So I was running my Dewalt motor and it worked great but felt it looked sorta hacky, now sometimes funtion overules looks but I think the Dewalt motor is ugly. So I ordered up a Summit Titan 775 and another Motor Mount. They came in last weekend so I quickly installed them to see how they worked. I have to say speed wise the 775 and Dewalt are pretty close, Torque though is higher with the Dewalt. But the best part is how easy the motor bolted in and runs. No soldering, not drilling or mods. Just plug and play with the single motor plate. Now Im not bashing the Dewalt motor cause it works great and I bet the thing will last alot longer then the 775 but with the 775 installed it looks stock, is about as fast as the stock 550 Titans and increases the run time. Dewalt does the same but looks ugly, I mean with all the Red Anodized Parts, CVD's and Billet Bumpers I dont want an ugly motor messing up the party. By the way Im running 20/54(jato) gears 2X2S 4K Lipos and it works great, low temps and plenty of power. Anyway just saying to anyone whos debating on either Summit Motor or DeWalt, just get both and use the 775 for the street and the Dewalt for the dirt, like I do .

    Please ignor same post in the ERBE forum my mistake.
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    Thanks for the comparison as I was struggling between the 2 before finally going with the Titan 775. My decision was based on the simpler plug and play install and the fact that at the time no one had posted putting one in their E maxx. So far I'm very happy with the motor.
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    Same here, an that I could get it at work and be able to sell it as a possible motor swap, then discovered it makes one heck of an upgrade over the 550's in the process!

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