As the title suggests, I'm wondering how durable the stock titans are. A little background first... I already own an ERBE and have been using it for both off-road and on-road and track use. Getting tired of constantly changing my gearing and suspension setup so I decided to buy an E-Revo for most of my off-road bashing. It will see conditions such as climbing hills, pretty steep ones, it'll drive through rough dirt with lots of brush around as well. I'll also be driving it through grass and on the off chance it rains here in southern California, might go through some mud, but that would be seldom. It'll be geared low of course to accommodate the conditions.

So how well should the titans hold up under those conditions? For that matter, how well does the ESC hold up? Also, when the motors do finally give up, what's a good replacement? I've been reading about the Titan 775 as well as the Dewalt motors as good single motor replacements, but which is better? I'm leaning slightly towards the dewalt simply because i read it has replaceable brushes which are also cheap.