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Thread: Radio Problem

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    Radio Problem

    Hey everyone, this is my first post on this forum, I've had my e-revo for about a month now, and have had some fun driving... and repairing it. I have run into something weird yet that I haven't figured out what is causing it, or how to avoid it, so I'm hoping someone here can help...

    When I turn on the EZ set button and choose the sport, race, or training mode, the light will stay red until I fiddle with the radio a bit. Usually pushing reverse on the trigger... But once it reacts, then the e wheels just start spinning and the thing won't stop. This makes it pretty much impossible to put the shell back on and drive it. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks everyone!

    Edit: I just had to recalibrate the ESC and transmitter. All working now. I'll post some pics soon. Nothing fancy, just some good fun.
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    So you got it fixed?
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    Yep, throttle trim sounded like a winner. Instead of recalibrating you could have turned your little knob on the radio.

    When I turn on my truck, it usually runs in reverse at about 1/4 throttle for abot 2-3 seconds. Any else get this?

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    Ha i recognize that problem!
    the "50/50 70/30" switch that moves the trigger a bit is in the wrong position.
    Therefor the throttle is always pressed a littlebit. But if the throttle isn't in neutral position the EVX2 won't startup.
    So when you move the throttle, and pass the neutral point the EVX2 suddenly starts working... then you run into a wall.
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