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    After rain running

    I have just recently converted my e-revo to the MMM and was warned by my LHS not to get it wet. I live up in the northeast and its been raining for a week straight, with the occasional break for an hour or so. My question is, will the MMM get damaged by running through the grass after its rained. I don't plan on submerging the truck but will the occasional splash or spray off the tires ruin my components?

    Thanks guys.....
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    I would highly suggest not getting the MMM wet. The internal boards are coated for water resistance, but the external fan isn't. I think you are taking a pretty spendy risk if you do it. I understand the feeling of wanting to run, but it really might not be worth it.
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    I'm here in the NW with you Ambrodyo, so I feel your pain in the rain. I finally broke down just the other day and bought a slash for rainy days and racing in the slash class. It's actually a lot of fun purposely aiming for the puddles instead of praying you avoid them!
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