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    Dewalt installation basic questions for a new E-revo

    Hi guys,

    Long time listener, first time caller.

    I bought a new E-revo a week or so ago. Its all about the beach for me, with streams and salt water and sand, so a brushless setup is pretty much out of the question as long as I cant hose it off.

    I ordered the correct part number from Sears for the 12v Dewalt. I'm currently running a pair of 4.6Ah 8.4v batts, and I hope the Dewalt won't kill the run time. If it will, I'll have to go to the SPC 9Ah Lipos with all the headaches Lipos create.

    As for installation, I'm a bit of a perfectionist, so I've got a few questions so that I dont get half way through and find I'm delayed.

    1. Pinion gears: What is the stock spur gear? When I buy a new pinion, do I get the "mod .8" with a 5mm shaft? I'm assuming a 20t will be ideal for now.

    2. Motor mounts: Is the traxas single motor plate a cleaner install than taking out the two Titans and mounting the Dewalt in the back?

    3. What size capacitors are best for the anti-glitching trio?

    4. Am I significantly reducing my run time from the pair of Titans?

    Thanks guys... this mod is truly putting the "hobby" back in RC cars for me.

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    1 I think stock is 19T, 20T 0,8mod on a 5mm is ideal for the dewalt.
    2 Yes it is cleaner, not neccesairy however.
    3 100nF
    4 not sure, the Dewalt is more powerfull but it is more efficient to, I think it'll draw a bit more current...
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